Daniela Bianchini

Daniela Bianchini was born and raised in Cordoba, Argentina. She was given the opportunity to come to the United Stated at the age of 19 and fell in love with Minnesota right away. She has been living here for the past 20 years and it definitely feels like home to her. As for her artistic passion, her mother is an artist who encouraged her exploration through the arts since she was a child. She worked with several mediums until she fell in love with mosaics about nine years ago. She is very enthusiastic about composing a work of art by bringing many pieces together. Sometimes it feels very much like life itself to her, composed by mosaic pieces of experiences, places, people, colors, etc. She dives into the process of making mosaic with passion and excitement. She spends many hours finding or creating the right pieces to make it come together. She documents the process of each work because the completed piece of art delights her in perspective to all the previous shatter pieces.

She has participated in art shows and exhibits. In recent years, she has dedicated her time to public art and sharing her passion for mosaics. As much as she enjoys exhibitions and art shows, beautifying public spaces is her call. Her goal is to be able to use her artistic passion to bring it to the community and beautify the city. Mosaic murals and artworks are covering cities around the world making these places beautiful, promoting the arts, expressing culture and for everyone to enjoy. She loves to contribute to Minnesota in this way. Daniela feels like our modern world of technologies is alienating all of us. She truly believes that arts, creativity and especially mosaic art has the potential of bringing people together to create amazing things.