Kimberly McCracken

Kimberly McCracken is a contemporary artist working under the name Mimiku. She lives and works in Muscatine, Iowa and was once a native of rural Illinois. Although growing up surrounded by the rustic countryside, her inspiration came from Japanese culture and fashion. Her distinctive personal style emanates colorful imagery and a kawaii aesthetic.

Fantastical heroes, magical girls, vibrant characters, and set pieces are all brought to life with a combination of bold and bright compositions.

As a child, Mimiku wanted to be an artist, but never pursued the idea until she won first place in an art competition in 5th grade. Afterwards she studied and dedicated herself to drawing until entering college where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in English from The University of Northern Iowa and a Master of English/Medieval Literature. Although English was her major, she did take a few art classes during her studies, and volunteered for a group who created art in order to fundraise for a school to be built in El Salvador.

Mimiku now works as a library assistant and is able to showcase her creativity in drawing and sewing thanks to the constant support of her fiance, Manuel, who helped inspire her to keep moving forward. All projects created by Mimiku are dedicated to her late mother, Debora Shelman.