Ain’t No Thing But a Chicken Wing

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Chicken WingsDid you know National Chicken Wing Day is a “national” holiday?

Yep, it’s (kinda) true! National Chicken Wing Day is July 29th and we’re here to tell you all of the hot spots in Roseville serving chicken wings not only on this not to be missed holiday, but all year long! If do you miss it, don’t worry, there’s 364 other days to get your chicken wing fix.

Usually the chicken wing can be found on most American style restaurant menus… especially under the appetizer section. Who says an appetizer can’t be a meal!? Whether you like them super spicy, on the sweeter side, bone-in, or bone-less, Roseville has the chicken wing for you.

Grab some hand wipes, it’s about to get messy! ?

Applebee’s Grill + Bar

Boneless wing lovers can get Applebee’s boneless wings in 3 different flavors: Honey BBQ, Spicy Sweet Asian Chile or Spicy Buffalo. You can eat your wings in the restaurant or order them to go to enjoy at home!

Aurelio’s Pizza

What’s a large pizza without a side of wings? At Aurelio’s Pizza you can choose between their Hot Wings with a kick or their Boneless Wings without the fuss.

Buffalo Wild Wings

You knew the king of wings would make the list! Buffalo Wild Wings is your chicken wings and sports bar headquarters in Roseville. They’re offering boneless and traditional wings in 21 different flavors! You can even get boneless wings on top of salads, in wraps and even on top of mac & cheese!

Buffalo Wild Wings

Chianti Grill

When you think of Chianti Grill, you think high quality Italian food. Well, now you can think of high quality chicken wings because they’re on their Bar Menu! At Chianti Grill they’re baking the chicken wings twice in buffalo sauce and serving them with blue cheese and celery.

Chianti Grill Chicken Wings

Chili’s Grill & Bar

Signature boneless wings, signature bone-in wings, smoked wings, and spicy loaded boneless wings… all at Chili’s! If you’re a vegetarian you can even enjoy some “wings” of your own by ordering their buffalo fried cauliflower.

Chili's Smoked Wings

China Restaurant

When ordering Chinese food from China Restaurant you always have to skim through their appetizers like the classic choices of egg rolls, cheese wontons and steamed pot stickers. But you’re missing some other great choices! They have fried chicken wings, oyster wings and spicy wings to choose from, too. We know what we’re ordering next time!


Breaded Boneless Wings that you can share with the family! Davanni’s gives you the option to order 6 wings, 12 wings or 24 wings to bring the ultimate appetizer to your next party. You get to choose from BBQ, medium or hot – easy-peasy.

Davanni's Boneless Wings


It feels like forever that Domino’s began serving more than just pizza on their menu. You can now order SO MUCH more than pizza and that SO MUCH more includes boneless and traditional wings. Their wings are marinated, oven-baked and then tossed in your choice of sauce (hot, BBQ, mild, plain, or sweet mango habanero). You get the choice of 8-piece, 14-piece or 40-piece (oh my!).

Domino's Wings

Famous Dave’s

We all know Famous Dave’s is famous for their BBQ ribs, brisket and chicken but did you know they’re also serving tender wings? You can get them traditional or boneless tossed in your choice of sauce. They also have Buffalo’d Bones; bite-sized ribs tossed in Buffalo sauce… we’re intrigued!

Famous Dave's Buffalo'd Bones

Granite City Food & Brewery

Boneless wings are the clean way to enjoy wings and at Granite City you won’t have to worry about sauce getting all over your face. Their boneless wings come in your choice of sauce – Fiery Buffalo, Mango Habanero BBQ and Old Bay Dry Rub. If you’re looking to get a little messy you can always get their City Wings – bone-in and JUMBO. Go jumbo or go home!

Granite City Wings

Green Mill Restaurant & Bar

Who wants award-winning wings? Of course you do! Green Mill offers their award-winning wings in three different styles: bone-in, drummies or boneless. Pick from their list of sauces such as Jim Beam, Peking Zing and four other awesome flavors. Don’t forget your dipping sauce of bleu cheese, ranch or creole mustard!

Green Mill Wings

Grumpy’s Bar & Grill

Every good bar has chicken wings and that rings true at Grumpy’s Bar & Grill in Roseville. Their Grumpy Wings definitely won’t make you grumpy because you’re in control of your flavors of mild, hot Gumpy’s BBQ, Jamaican, teriyaki, Bangkok, or Cajun dry rub. Wash your wings down with a cold brew (35 beers on tap!) and you’re all set.

Grumpy's Wings Credit AdmiralBigGun

Credit: AdmiralBigGun

Joe Senser’s Sports Theater

Wings come in three different menu items at Joe Senser’s Sports Theater. 1. Chicken Wings (classic) – boneless or bone-in style wings. 2. Senser’s Char Wings – jumbo bone-in wings carmalized on the char-broiler. 3. Boneless Wing Platter – a big pile of your favorite sauced wings with fries & coleslaw. BONUS: 50 cent boneless wings on Wednesdays! P.S. One of their sauces is called, Atomic Meltdown… good luck with that one!

Joe Senser's Boneless Wings

Lisu’s Thai Taste

Have you ever had a Thai chicken wing? Not just Thai sauce on it… but made in a Thai restaurant? You can get the real deal Lisu’s Thai Taste at . Their spicy chicken wings are deep fried and slathered with their special homemade spicy sauce. They even have STUFFED chicken wings with noodles and vegetables stuffed inside. You know you have to try that!

Lisu's Thai Taste Chicken Wings

Lucky’s 13 Pub

At Lucky’s 13 Pub they have wings (bone-in) and tenders (boneless) with your choice of Buffalo, teriyaki, Cajun dry rub, sweet & hot chili, garlic, or honey mustard. It may sound pretty standard but there’s nothing wrong with keeping the wing basic, right? Come in to Lucky’s on Tuesday for 8 bone-in wings for only $5 – now that’s a deal!

Credit: @ellie020965

New Hong Kong Wok

You’ll notice that New Hong Kong Wok’s menu is pretty extensive. Don’t get us wrong, we love choices, but you probably might miss that they have hot chicken wings on their menu. Now, we don’t think they’re taking “hot” lightly because there’s a chili pepper next to the name, which usually means it’s scorching!

Ol’ Mexico Restaurante & Cantina

Mexi Wings? Yep, you can order them at Ol’ Mexico Restaurante Cantina in Roseville. You can choose traditional bone-in wings or choose the less mess option of boneless for an extra $1 – could be worth it if you spill on your new shirt! Their sauces include Korean BBQ, chili garlic, Teriyaki, and Buffalo. Pair it with a margarita or a beer and really there’s nothing more you need. Ole!

Credit: @vamyang

Old Chicago

Have you heard of the Keg of Wings? Old Chicago is featuring twice the wings and twice the sauce in their Keg of Wings. Get a mix of boneless and bone-in to make everyone happy… assuming you’ll be sharing this monster! You can choose up to two sauces or dry rubs for your keg. Is your appetite a little smaller? Go for the classic hand tossed chicken wing, it’s OK.

Old Chicago Keg of Wings

Outback Steakhouse

Throw some chicken wings on the barbie (sorry, we had to)! That’s what they’re doing at Outback Steakhouse. Their Kookaburra Wings are tossed in their secret spices but you still get to choose if you want them mild, medium or HOT. Also, Kookaburra is fun to say!

Outback Steakhouse Kookaburra Wings

Pizza Lucé

Apparently there’s something called the Minneapolis Wing-Capades and Pizza Lucé has won 21 times for their wings. I mean, if that doesn’t get you to order these wings, I don’t know what will. Maybe the list of their sauces will do it… Spicy Buffalo, Tangy BBQ, Spicy Peking, and Jamaican Jerk. If you’re gluten free, you can still order Buffalo, BBQ or Jamaican Jerk… they have your back!

Pizza Luce Wings

Red Lobster

OK, we were wrong… Red Lobster DOES have chicken wings. Who knew? Not us! If you like your wings HOT and bone-in then you’ll be ordering their chicken wings before you order that decadent lobster. They only come one way but why change it up when you’re going the classic route.

Red Lobster Chicken Wings

Red’s Savoy Pizza

The classic order of pizza and wings is possible at Red’s Savoy Pizza — whew! Boneless wings AND traditional wings can both be ordered in any of their sauces: Buffalo, BBQ, Teriyaki, plain, or their special sauce of the month. Also, every Wednesday you can add an order of wings to any large pizza for only $5!

Red's Savoy Pizza Wings

Ruby Tuesday

Classic wings keep on coming at Ruby Tuesday. Their Traditional Wings can be catered to your flavor style. Do you prefer mild or hot Buffalo, Texas dusted dry rub, Thai, hickory bourbon, or Cajun honey? You better decide before going or it might take you awhile!

Ruby Tuesday Chicken Wings


Authentic Szechuan food can be found right in Roseville at Szechuan. They’re known for their spicy food so WATCH OUT when ordering their fried chicken wings and hot & spicy chicken wings. You can also get their chicken wings in their Pu Pup Platter that you can order for two people or up to four.

Szechuan Hot & Spicy Chicken Wings

Willow-Gate Restaurant

Willow-Gate Restaurant has been serving Roseville Hunan, Szechuan and Thai dishes for over 20 years. If someone has been cooking chicken wings for 20+ years then you need to give them a try! Under appetizers you’ll find their classic chicken wings. Give them a try and see what you think.


Wingstop isn’t in the wing business, they’re in the flavor business; they’re not just winging it! You’ll find wings upon wings upon wings on their menu. Choose between classic, boneless or crispy tenders and then make the difficult choice between their 11 flavors. Every Monday & Tuesday stop by for 60 cent boneless wings!

Wingstop Wings

WOW! Can you believe that Roseville has 26 restaurants who serve chicken wings? We’re a little shocked but with close to 100 different restaurants in Roseville, we’re not TOO shocked. We hope you enjoy National Chicken Wing Day in Roseville!