New in Roseville: SeaQuest

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Encounter exotic animals like never before when you visit SeaQuest. You will even get to interact with select animals as you make your way through the different habitats. Don’t let the name SeaQuest fool you


—in addition to fish, sharks, stingrays and other marine animals, you will also get to visit animals such as a capybara (a large guinea pig-like mammal), snakes, birds, and Flemish rabbits (plus much more!). Certain animals can be touched and interacted with under the supervision of staff. You can enter the lizard and bird enclosures, pet the wallabies, and much more. Some of the animals such as the wallabies will be accessible only in intervals, in order to not over-stimulate them and give them time to rest. Navigate through the exhibits at your own pace and learn about the animals from the knowledgeable staff throughout.

Live demonstrations and animal “edutainment” shows, such as Creepy Crawlies, Rumplesnakeskin & Friends, and Feathered Friends, will take place daily.  For additional charges, you will be able to feed


hungry animals (signs and staff will let you know whether an animal is hungry or full), snorkel with stingrays, and get a behind-the-scenes Animal Whisperer Tour. These tours start every hour on the hour and are the ultimate hands-on experience. During this 20-minute tour, you will learn how the water is tested and filtered, how to prepare food for and feed animals, and more. 

You can also host your next special event at SeaQuest. From birthday parties to field trips to private events, SeaQuest is the perfect place for your unique gathering. Perks of hosting your event at SeaQuest can include a private encounter with the animal of your choice, the chance to explore all exhibits, and a private party room. 

What animals are you most looking forward to meeting? Let us know in the comments or on our social media!