Design Guidelines
  • The fiberglass statues are created by Tivoli Two and will be available to the artist to paint in May 2020.
  • You can submit up to three designs. Submission of design does not guarantee that it will be selected.
  • Each design submitted must include a Roseville in Bloom Design Submission Form and both the front and back views of the official Roseville in Bloom design template. Designs not using templates will not be considered.
  • Artists will be notified once a sponsor has selected their work.
  • Designs may not be political, profane, defamatory or derogatory in any way. Alcohol, tobacco, firearms/weapons images are not acceptable. Any use of corporate logos should be done tastefully.
  • Design submissions should be true to color.
  • Artists may paint and add sculptural elements to the 7-inch-tall by 3-foot square concrete base. However, there must be enough space left for placement of the information vomella.
  • Please keep in mind that during the course of the free – interactive -event the public will be able to touch and feel the sculpture. Designs must be durable and made with public safety in mind.  
  • Unfortunately, in today’s world have to worry about vandalism. Please ensure any objects you might attach are securely fastened to help prevent them from being removed.
  • All rose sculptures will be transported by May 11, 2020 for a 2-week work period for artists
  • Artists may be asked to provide touch ups during the course of the free event. If original artist not available another will be asked to touch up statue.
  • ALL roses will be inspected by the Roseville in Bloom Committee prior to them being placed in public spaces.
  • Personal use of designs selected must be approved by the Steering Committee.
  • Roseville in Bloom template designs must be submitted no later than February 7, 2020 to Roseville Visitors Association at Rosedale Towers 1700 Hwy 36 W Suite 600, Roseville MN 55113.
  • Download your Roseville in Bloom design template. Please include a link to your portfolio of commissioned work or website.

Download the Template   Submit Concept



  • All designs must be approved by Roseville in Bloom Steering Committee
  • Approved designs will be placed in a Design Book for sponsors to review and choose from.
  • Sponsors will select their designs and contact the artist no later than March 2, 2020.
  • Artist will receive a total stipend of $2,000. Initial payment of $750 at the beginning of May and the balance upon completion of the work and Roseville in Bloom committee approval.
  • Artists may contract directly with sponsors, but all designs are subject to the same rules and approval process.
  • Artists selected will be required to sign a contract for payment.
  • Artists selected are required to participate in the Roseville in Bloom Paint-Off. Additional date and time TBD.