General Information
  • Statues will be made of fiberglass and steel.
  • Statues will have an internal steel armature.
  • Statues will be primed with standard flat gray or white primer. 
  • Statues will then be decorated by Artists.
  • We recommend statues be coated with a water based urethane clear coat following completion by Artists. (Please note: Oil based paints are not compatible with the clear coat we recommend.  If you use these types of paints on your statue, please make a note notifying the clear coaters to not clear coat and/or don’t clear coat.)
  • Statues will then be taken to their locations by the event organizers.
  • Ask questions and get help if you need it from other artists or event organizers.
  • Do not attempt to move your statue when attached to the concrete base by pushing or pulling on it. This could result in internal as well as external damage.  (A forklift or pallet jack should always be used.)

Download the Design Template Idea Board


Paint Information

  • Exterior grade latex paint is recommended.  This can be found at any Home Depot or most hardware stores. 
  • Artist’s acrylic paint works for smaller areas. 
  • Use the minimum amount of paint needed for even coverage.  Excessively thick paint layers are more prone to cracking & peeling.
  • Avoid spray can paints.  They do not react well with the clear coat.
  • Avoid watercolor & other re-workable paints.
  • DO NOT mix oil & water based paint or paint water based paints over an oil based paint.
  • Avoid glossy paints.  Clear coat sticks best to flat or satin finishes.  Glossy clear coat is not used.  Satin finishes photograph better.

Stickers, Decals & Appliqué Information

There should be NO wrinkles, lifting corners, etc.  Larger appliqué’s are problematic.  It is difficult to make them lay smooth on a curved surface.  Eliminate ALL air bubbles!  They expand in the heat.  Jigsaw puzzle saver does work, as does other decoupage mediums, but they will eventually turn yellow in the sun so keep that in mind.

DO NOT rely on the clear coat to “Hold Down” stickers, decals or appliqué’s.

Attachment Information

Attached items must be fixed securely to the sculpture using industry accepted fastening methods so there is no movement possible.  Consider toggle bolts, screw anchors, and long drywall screws for light objects.  Try to use at least two or three fasteners per object.  Always drill pilot holes.  Try to use the internal steel armature.  (Use Quality HardwareDO NOT RELY ON GLUE, DOUBLE STICK TAPE, STAPLES, THUMBTACKS, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, DO NOT RELY ON THE PUBLIC BEING CAREFUL!

If you choose to use an adhesive, make sure it is rated for outdoor use. (Weather Proof) Ensure that the area where adhesives/ glues are used is clean and dry! (Recommend scuffing an area to help adhesives grab.)

Attachments should be structurally strong.

Choose good materials that are durable and will endure the outdoor elements. (i.e. avoid using cardboard.)

Miscellaneous Information

  • Remove pencil marks BEFORE clear coat is applied.
  • Sketch your lettering & fix layout discrepancies BEFORE you start painting.
  • Hats and other accessories should be positioned in a manner that does not let water accumulate.  Strategically placed drain holes work well.
  • Keep colors and materials around for future touch-ups.