Top 5 Winter Instagram Worthy Spots in Roseville

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We all love taking photos and sharing them with our friends/followers on Instagram. We thought it would be fun to put a list together of the top five winter Instagram worthy spots in Roseville for you to get out and take your own photos and enjoy the beauty of Roseville in the winter.

1. Guidant John Rose MN OVAL

Guidant John Rose MN OVAL

Photo Credit: @erinbartlett

2. J.Arthur’s Coffee

J. Arthurs Eggnog Latte

Photo Credit: @realnageeyang

3. Langton Lake Park

Langton Lake Park

Photo Credit: @angdreams

4. University of Northwestern-St.Paul

University of Northwestern-St. Paul

Photo Credit: @northwesternmn

5. Harriet Alexander Nature Center

Harriet Alexander Nature Center

Photo Credit: @laupford

If you’re heading out of Roseville, you should make a stop at our top five winter Instagram worthy spots throughout Minneapolis & St. Paul. Although, we think you should stay in Roseville and find more great spots to Instagram!

1. Holidazzle Village

Holidazzle Village

Photo Credit: @emilymcaruso

2. Minnehaha Falls

Minnehaha Falls

Photo Credit: @iphotompls

3. St. Paul Winter Carnival

St. Paul Winter Carnival

Photo Credit: @jenjenlyn1

4. Red Bull Crashed Ice

Red Bull Crashed Ice

Photo Credit: @nickgreen

5. U.S. Pond Hockey Championships

U.S. Pond Hockey Championships

Photo Credit: @gblasko1

Did we miss any that you think should make the list? Take your own Instagram photos and tag them with #RVA for us to repost them! Follow us on Instagram to see if we repost your photos.