What’s Brewing in Roseville?

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Once upon a time, in Roseville, Minnesota, there was a brewery named Pour Decisions. Pour Decisions became friends with the new kid in town, Bent Brewstillery. Their bond became strong over time when finally… OK, this story is getting weird…

BUT, the reason behind our odd story is to tell you that Pour Decisions and Bent Brewstillery merged and became one lean, mean beer brewing and spirit distilling machine and you need to scoot on over to the new taproom!

                      Bent Brewstillery Minnesota

Taproom hours:  Tues-Thurs: 4pm-10pm | Fri: 2:30pm-12am | Sat: 12pm-12am | Sun: 12pm-9pm

Come hungry!
They often have food trucks, but if one’s not parked out front you’re welcome to bring in food from home, from nearby restaurants or even have food delivered; they have delivery menus available for you at the bar.

What makes Bent Brewstillery different? They take everyday brewing and distilling styles and “bend” […it’s all in the name] them into their own unique styles, setting them apart from their competition – which is STEEP in the Minneapolis & St. Paul metro area. But they’re not only about brewing beer! Bent Brewstillery is the first-ever Brewstillery in the state of Minnesota.

Beer has always been our first love, but as we all know, whiskey is what beer wants to be when it grows up. Well, it’s all grown up, and it’s a canvas with as much potential as the first beer ever made. And Bent Brewstillery is painting all over that canvas.

What are they crafting at the Brewstillery?


Year-Round: Nordic Blonde (Amber Blonde Ale) | Enuff (India Pale Ale) | Nicked (Export Double Stout)
Dark Fatha (Barrel-Aged Emperial Stout), Maroon & Bold (Double IPA), Brother Vesper (Strong Dark Belgian Stout), Über Lüpin (Schwartz IPA)
Funked Up & Sours


Whiskey: Kursed, ExSPIRITMental
Gin: Gunner Ghost
Poitín: Bent Anchor
Rum: Stormbringer, Flamebringer, Coffee Stormbringer, Winter Stormbringer
Grappa: St. Croix Grappa

Take a seat at the taproom bar for a pint of locally brewed beer or purchase a bottle of locally distilled spirits to enjoy in the comfort of your home. Whatever you decide to do, we know you’ll stay for the open, airy and comfortable atmosphere!