Top 5 Burgers in Roseville

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Sometimes a classic cheeseburger can satisfy your burger craving, but then there’s a time when a burger comes along that crushes the classic cheeseburger to bits and takes charge of your taste buds and brings you to burger heaven. That’s what this list of burgers is all about!

You must try these top five burgers (in our mind) in Roseville, Minnesota!

1. Southern Style the Elvis | Grumpy’s Bar & Grill


Credit: Citypages

We’ve heard it many times, Elvis loved peanut butter banana sandwiches. Thankfully this burger is missing one of those ingredients, we’re talking about the bananas (whew!). Your burger will be slathered with peanut butter and layered with crispy bacon on top. Sounds weird? Just try it!

2. “Big Show” Burger | Granite City Food & Brewery

"Big Show" Burger Granite City

Credit: Granite City

What else would you want with your Angus beef burger? Pulled pork, of course! We think the “big show” of this burger has to be the pulled pork laid on top of the beef and smothered in BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese, onion strings and hugged by a pretzel bun. Now that’s a show we want to see and demolish!

3. Natural Burgers | The Good Earth

Credit: The Good Earth

Hand-pattied burgers made with the freshest and most natural ingredients, that’s the kind of burgers you will find on the menu at The Good Earth. This particular burger is The Good Earth Burger – Peterson Farms grass fed beef, caramelized onions, portabella mushrooms, avocado, Gruyere cheese, sunflower sprouts and a red pepper aioli.

4. Specialty Burgers | The Original Malt Shop

Snuffy's Tex Mex Burger

Credit: Snuffy’s

Winner of many awards such as “Best Burger for 2006” by Minneapolis/St. Paul Magazine, you know you have to make a pit-stop at The Original Malt Shop. Offering a new specialty burger each month you have to trust that they know burgers! Take a look at this Tex-Mex burger… DROOL.

5. Turkey Burger | Joe Senser’s

Joe Senser's Turkey Burger

Credit: Joe Senser’s

On a “healthy” note, because it’s turkey and on a toasted cranberry walnut bread (delish!), you’re going to love the Turkey Burger, which sounds basic, but it’s not. Infused with chipotle, this turkey burger is topped with Havarti cheese, spring greens and tomato with rosemary safe aioli. Pretty fancy! Or, if you’re feeling adventurous you could take on the BEAST…