March 31, 2017

Favorite Spring Activities in Minneapolis & Saint Paul


Credit: Photo credit: Elizabeth E.
-Elizabeth E.
I love walking the boardwalk behind the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center & seeing the signs of spring.
Credit: Photo credit: Sharon B.
-Sharon B.
Taking my grandsons to the many wonderful Roseville parks! It have all of the parks listed on my phone and we go from park to park to park to enjoy a great time playing!
-Quinn O.
I greatly enjoy biking in the Twin Cities. It’s a great way to get outside and enjoy the beautiful spring weather!
Credit: Photo credit: Andrea L.
-Andrea L.
We recently moved here from Idaho and we’ve been enjoying the flowers at the Como Conservatory as well as the many parks and playgrounds in Roseville.
-Judy P.
Running Roseville’s great trails and pathways. Looking forward to lots of running in Central Park!

Como Park Zoo & Conservatory

-Denise J.
The Como Park Zoo. One of our family’s favorite spring activities.
-Rita Z.
No matter how old I get, it’s still Como Zoo.
Credit: Photo credit: Como Park Zoo & Conservatory
-Robin C.
Visiting Como Zoo. The flowers are great and you can get outside and see the rest of the zoo.
-MK W.
We just sat a couple weeks ago, on an exceptionally warm day, at Como Lake with my 90 year old mom…. talked about my spring wedding at the conservatory, 25 years ago.

Minnesota Twins & Outdoor Patios

Credit: Photo credit: Sarah G.
-Sarah G.
I love taking my dog to the area taproom patios as the weather gets nicer!
-Ben H.
Taking my family to a Twins game early in the season!
Credit: Photo credit: Bent Brewstillery
-Michael V.
Getting outside in general and taking a walk through a park. Enjoying a beer from Bent Brewstillery.
Credit: Photo credit: Carol H.
-Emily B.
In Minneapolis I like to dine outside before going to concerts and attending Twins games.

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